Beat out the competition, and look good doing it.

Our new ICED Cap Arctic has new insulating technology to help you stay cool for up to 50 minutes!

How To Use

You may want to have a cooler for access to ice for the duration of your activity. During a race, you can also get ice at most aid stations.

You may not need to open pocket all the way, as it is an elastic drawstring.

Make sure not to tighten top drawstring until you have already adjusted it to your head. The ice will settle for a comfortable fit, then you may tighten as much as you desire. If you miss this step, you may think the Cap does not fit correctly.

It is important to do this after placing ice into the Cap for the best fit.

Our products are designed to allow ice to melt onto your head and body like an artificial sweat. This means you may get wet!

ICED Cap Arctic vs. ICED Cap Original

The ICED Cap 2.0 has the large logo on the front and comes in white or black. The black has 2 font colors: white and blue.

The ICED Cap 3.0 is our first model with the "ICED Cap" written on the brim of the cap. It comes in all white, all black, and black with white trim. It has a non-elastic drawstring on the pocket.

The ICED Cap 4.0 is our newest uninsulated mode with the largest size. It has "ICED Cap" written on the brim of the cap. It comes in white, white with black trim, black, neon yellow, baby blue, and royal blue.

The ICED Cap Arctic is our newest insulated model with the largest size. It has "ICED Cap" written on the brim of the cap. It comes in white, black, white with black trim, neon yellow, baby blue, pink, purple, and red.

The ICED Cap 2.0-4.0 last for around 25 minutes. It is meant for shorter activities where you want to get wet faster or for activities where you have frequent access to ice. We love it for 5K races or places where you have access to a cooler.

The ICED Cap Arctic has our insulating liner that allows for ice to last up to an hour in some conditions! It is great for 10K, Half-marathon, Marathon, or any activities where the access to ice is less frequent.

All of our Caps are one-size fits most. However, while innovating from each model, we increased the hat size in small increments, with our 4.0 model being the largest uninsulated model.