Our Mission

At ICED Cap, our mission is to revolutionize athletic performance by providing innovative cooling solutions that optimize body temperature and enhance endurance, allowing athletes to achieve their peak performance.

Stay calm, stay cool



The ICED Cap is the brainchild of a professional mechanical engineer who specializes in heating and air conditioning. About two years after being bitten by the running bug and competing in races and triathlons, he began to train for the 2012 IRONMAN in Louisville. Throughout his brutal training sessions in the Georgia heat, he realized that his body heat and heart rate were too high for his body to be able to perform in the most efficient way possible. He thought, “There’s got to be a way to cool down somehow.”

Cool comfort, fierce performance

From the sweltering tracks to the scorching courts, ICED Cap
keeps your passion cool, your focus sharp, and your victory assured.